Site Disclosures

If you do not consent to receive your IRS information returns electronically, a paper copy will be provided to you.

Scope & Duration
Your consent applies to all IRS information returns for all future tax years until you withdraw your consent. This includes the following return types: (1) W-2s

Obtaining Paper Copies
If you still want a paper copy of your IRS information return after you have given your consent, please contact HR Services: (888) 490-4747 or at the following mailing address: Staples, Payroll Tax Department, P.O. Box 102417, Columbia, SC 29224. Requesting a paper copy shall not be treated as a withdrawal of your consent to receive your IRS information electronically.

Withdrawl of Consent
You may withdraw your consent at any time by accessing this site ( and updating your delivery preferences, or by contacting HR Services by phone at (888) 490-4747 or in writing (electronically or on paper): Staples, Payroll Tax Department, P.O. Box 102417, Columbia, SC 29224. Email:

A confirmation of the withdrawal will be provided to you in writing electronically no later than 24 hours, and the effective date of your withdrawn consent shall be immediate. A withdrawal of consent does not apply to an IRS information return in process for electronic furnishing or has already been furnished electronically.

Termination of Service
If for any reason we will no longer be able to provide electronic IRS information returns, a notice will be posted on or mailed to your home address.

Updating Your Information
Please use the site to update your contact information for purposes of IRS information returns, please contact HR Services:
(888) 490-4747 or at the following mailing address: Staples, Payroll Tax Department, P.O. Box 102417, Columbia, SC 29224.

Changes to Contact Information 
To the extent our contact information changes, you will be notified by a posting on our website,

Hardware & Software Requirements 
To access, print and retain the IRS information returns we make available to you in electronic form, you must have the following hardware and software:

• An Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption (Internet Explorer: 9.x, 10.x & 11.x (Windows). Internet Explorer 8.x is no longer supported. Firefox: 31.x (Windows, Mac OS X). Safari: 6.1.x & 7.1x (Mac OS X). Chrome: Version 44.x (Windows, Mac OS X).);

• Sufficient electronic storage capacity on your computer’s hard drive or other data storage unit (64mb of memory);

• An e-mail account with an Internet service provider and e-mail software in order to receive electronic communications from us (56k modem);

• A personal computer (equipped with 133Mhz processor and 800 x 600 screen resolution), operating system and telecommunications connection to the Internet capable of receiving, accessing, displaying and either printing or storing IRS information returns received from us in electronic form via a plain text-formatted e-mail or by access to our website using one of the browsers specified above.

• Adobe® Acrobat Reader (10.0 or higher)

Your IRS information returns will be posted on our website no later than January 31st of the year following the tax year being reported and will remain accessible until at least October 15th of that same year.